Global Aid Consultants summit the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro at 5,895 metres (19,341 feet), to raise awareness on the importance of education and health in developing nations.

Our Impact in Tanzania

"Traveling in Africa with Global Aid Consultants has really made me realize how fortunate I am to live in the United States.  I want to give back more now, to help those who need educational opportunities." 

Tyler Speer - Global Aid Consultants Volunteer in Africa

Success and Understanding in Tanzania

Global Aid Consultants, a San Antonio-based non-profit organization, traveled to Tanzania to better understand the challenges and issues human beings have in remote areas. Global Aid Consultants addressed the social and economic needs of cultural diversity and economic disparity through theory and practical application. 

A happy Maasai child holds the future of his tribe in his hands. 

Mentorship and educational consultation to local leaders and travel guides in Tanzania was provided by Global Aid Consultants.


This significantly improved the village elders understanding of the importance of education and how it enhances the economic situation of the tribe for future generations. 

Global Aid Consultants Co-Founder Todd Speer (on right) with Maasai Village Elder (on left) in Tanzania.  The importance and availability of education for children was discussed.  

​Many Maasai travel two to three hours each way to a larger village or town for education. They want to learn English so they can welcome tourists to their villages and sell unique handmade jewelry to contribute economically to their family and tribe.  


Education is challenging for the Maasai because they move every two to three months to a new place where there is fresh grass for their cattle. 

Global Aid Consultants increased the understanding and the importance of educational opportunities for children. 

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