Our Impact

We help fight human trafficking and extreme poverty by providing educational opportunities and access to health in high-risk areas.  We are experts in connecting resources to needs for international development and

synchronizing operations between people and organizations.


Global Aid Consultants is Founded

 Three accomplished leaders in both the government and private sector who have a passion of serving, founded Global Aid Consultants to improve educational opportunities and access to health care around the globe. 

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Tanzania, Africa

Global Aid Consultants conducted an education assessment in Tanzania.  A collaboration of 

exchanging ideas on how to improve education occurred and new ideas were actualized.  Global Aid Consultants travel to some of the most remote areas around the world to assist with education.  The more remote the area the greater impact we have. 

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Belize, Central America

Global Aid Consultants conducted medical training in a remote area of Belize.  The medical training impacted a village that supported over 2,500 community members with limited or no health care.



Guatemala, Central America

Global Aid Consultants provided over 160 new desks and other vital school infrastructure to a newly constructed four room school in a remote area of Guatemala.  Because of this project, 160 children can immediately go to school and have a brighter hope for the future.  This school impacts a community of over 5,000 family members. 



Belize, Central America

Global Aid Consultants returns to Belize to work closely with U.S. Government agencies to support a humanitarian program that increases educational opportunities and clinics.  The project will help add multiple school classrooms to a rural area and Global Aid Consultants will provide over 300 new classroom desks and infrastructure. We project that for the next 10 years, 300 students each year,  will learn marketable skills that prepare them to enter a free and open economy.



Thailand, Asia

Global Aid Consultants supported the Mae La Refugee Camp in Thailand with a grant to build a goat-barn and fence to minimize the animals roaming through the camp preventing the spread of infectious diseases.  Mae La Refugee Camp is the largest camp for Burmese refugees in Thailand that houses over 50,000 people.  



Belize, Central America

Global Aid Consultants worked closely with U.S. Government agencies to support a humanitarian program that increases educational opportunities and clinics in Belize.  The program added three classrooms to a remote school and Global Aid Consultants provided over 100 new desks. Because of this, 100 students immediately started attending school that supports a curriculum designed to prepare students to enter the job market with marketable skills. 



El Salvador, Central America

Global Aid Consultants provided over 100 new desks to a newly constructed school in a remote area known as "Ground Zero for MS-13."  Now, 100 more children can attend school that supports a curriculum designed to prepare students to enter the job market. 



Washington D.C.

Global Aid Consultants partners with the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition to support strategic investments that elevate development and diplomacy alongside defense in order to build a better, safer word.  Global Aid Consultants was able to bring personal experiences on international development to members of congress that inspired support on the importance of America's international programs. 

Global Aid Consultants in Washington D.C.